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IP-Only Qbrick is leading the path to the online video revolution in the Nordic since 1999. We are the only Nordic company offering an end-to-end online video solution with our own CDN, that can be integrated seamlessly through RESTfull API or used with Qbrick’s intuitive online video platform. With our Nordic focus we ensure local understanding and support for hundreds of customers based in the region.

In 2016 we joined the IP-Only family to further strengthen our offering to Nordic companies and organisations. With the network infrastructure capabilities of IP-Only we can ensure secure and efficient delivery capacity with premium quality.

True business partner to your digital world

Video is key to digitalization. With growing demands for live streaming and interactive videos, companies need to use multiple services to deliver their digital strategy. We solve this challenge, by providing a full video service to enterprises, public organization and media companies. With our simple, secure and cost efficient services, we help customers grow their businesses.


With the Qbrick Video Platform you can easily upload, manage, organize and analyze the performance on your entire media library. The Qbrick Video Platform is modular, flexible and scalable. Built not just as a stand-alone platform but a platform designed for partners.

With our RESTful APIs and a dedicated team of developers, we can deliver a solution that fits your priority today – be it monetization, analytics or a simplified process for your communication needs.

The Qbrick Video Platform is designed and built by our own developers. With the Qbrick Video Platform, not only will you have access to our professional services units, you will also have a dedicated support team which fully understands the platform’s ins and outs.

The Qbrick Video Platform is built for

  • Streaming video, live and on-demand
  • High capacity and up-time needs
  • Strong integration with other business systems

Reduce production and equipment costs by using our live and on demand transcoding (head-end service).

With our fully customizable Video on Demand ingest workflow our experts will easily adjust according to your needs including encoding configuration, DRM, metadata, notifications and integration to 3rd party systems.

If you are looking for the highest possible throughput we will dedicate transcoding nodes just for you.

Qbrick Origin enables multi-device playback to all major streaming protocols like HLS, DASH, HSS and HDS. Packaging is done on-the-fly which minimizes storage needs and enables access to the latest streaming protocols.

With functionality like timeshift and server-side recording of live streams we will make sure your viewers never miss out on a live event.

Qbrick Origin comes with fully redundant and high availability storage.

Qbrick CDN is optimized for video delivery and has since 1999 served Nordic broadcasters and media companies with high quality video and audio distribution.

With presence in every nordic country and partners worldwide Qbrick CDN will ensure the capacity you need.

Stream and Content awareness ability in the edge layer ensures high cache efficiency for media distribution.

Qbrick CDN comes with real-time analytics which let’s you analyse every aspect of your end-user behavior, e.g. geographic location, device and browser types and content engagement.

Qbrick has a team of highly experienced video and content delivery specialists.

Our local presence throughout the Nordic countries is always available to give you a superior support experience in all areas, be it live transcoding, setting up monetization or helping you to work efficiently in our video platform.

If you have special needs we can provide a first level 24/7 single point of contact service that will assist you at all times.

Our effective support process ensures that your query always reaches the right person with the right skills at the right time.

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Innovate, Collaborate and Grow together

Together with partners, we make video solutions simpler, faster and more innovative for our customers. We are continuously looking for partners to collaborate and grow together with, by providing an ultimate video experience. If you are one of them, we would love to hear from you.


Stockholm Office
Linnégatan 87 a – SE-115 23 Stockholm
Phone: +46 8 459 90 00

Oslo Office
Arbins gate 2 – N-0253 Oslo
Phone: +47 22 43 77 12

Helsinki Office
Äyritie 8 B, 01510 Vantaa
Phone: 358 207 790 190

Copenhagen Office
Finsensvej 78
2000 Frederiksberg
Phone: +45 70 23 34 56

Alliance Partnership: +358 405 175 046
Technology Partnership: +46 739 090949
Support: support@qbrick.com

Qbrick is in a growth stage and we are looking for talented online video enthusiasts to join our team. Please see our open positions.