New features in Qbrick Video Platform

With great pleasure, we bring you the highlights of the march 2017 product release of the Qbrick Video Platform (QVP). With the new features, it will be easier to edit video properties, customize thumbnails and create interactive presentations with videos. We hope you enjoy using them. These features are available only with the new Qbrick Video Platform.

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Copy Media

With copy media you can have a single video with multiple properties e.g. Video with the CEO’s quarterly address to the employees published on the intranet and a snippet of the video available on the public website.


Edit Media In Progress

Increase productivity and save time with multiple video assignments using our edit media in progress feature. With this feature Qbrick video platform (QVP) customers, can edit general properties while the video is being uploaded to the platform.


Thumbnail – Capture & Upload

With this new release of thumbnail manager, you can capture an image from the video or upload your own to use as a thumbnail.


Interact API

Make your live streams engaging and informative using our Interact API. It allows you to send information (text, images, custom data) to the Qbrick video player and synchronize it with your live stream. Interact API can be used in many different ways, for example:

  • Public services can use it to connect their speak system,
  • In a live conference, share the agenda with the audiences or
  • Send player statistics with the live stream of the game


Count Down Timer

Let your viewers know when the stream is going to start for the next session with the countdown timer in the Qbrick video player.


Qbrick Interact

With Qbrick Interact, you can easily create on-demand presentations with videos, texts, images and custom data. Interactive video presentations are a great way to increase engagement with your viewers.


Start & End Points

With live video production, there is often disturbances at the start and end of the videos. You can use this feature to decide the right start and end points for your video. Along with copy media function you can create a snippet of the video to publish teaser on your website. This is very useful in combination with our live-to-file functionality where we record your live streams to be available quickly as on-demand video.


With future releases

  • You can share a trimmed version of the video directly to your YouTube account from Qbrick Video Platform.
  • We will introduce live interact for customers to easily add information during live streaming.