Qbrick focuses on Video Solutions – separates production into independent company

Qbrick, now part of Sweden’s fiber network company IP-Only, harmonizes business across the Nordics and separates the Danish video production department into an independent company, Axion ApS. With this, Qbrick can increase focus on core business to address the increasing demand for advanced video solutions.

As Nordic’s only end-to-end solution provider of business-critical video platforms, supplier of hosting, transcoding and distribution of video through its own CDN, the company will continue to strengthen its position as the largest Nordic company within the online video market. With this renewed focus Qbrick will deliver a number of exciting developments this Spring.

To make the separation smooth for customers, Qbrick will move all of the video production department employees and equipment to Axion. The daily management of Axion will be led by Gorm Ravn-Jonsen and Andreas Wittrup Willadsen. Qbrick is confident that Axion will continue to support the current customers with same service mindedness and wish them all the best to grow their business within video production in Denmark.

For further information on this press release, please contact:
Mats Victorin, CEO, IP-Only Qbrick AB.
mats.victorin@qbrick.com, +46 702766085.

Sreemati Lalgudi, Head of Product Management, IP-Only Qbrick AB.
sreemati.lalgudi@qbrick.com , +46 739090949.

Jesper Bonde, Country Manager, IP-Only Qbrick Denmark.
qbrick.denmark@qbrick.com , +46 70233456.

Original Press Release: http://www.monitor.dk/nyheder/qbrick-udskiller-videoproduktion-i-selvstaendigt-selskab