IP-Only Qbrick launches partner program

With IP-Only Qbrick partner program, we take the next big step towards strengthening our position in the Nordics and delivering to the needs of our customers. Our partner program is designed to help digital agencies, IT consultancies, service providers and technology partners to grow their business with the existing customer base or extend their portfolio by addressing new segments using the Qbrick Video platform.

Nordic companies are going through enormous digital transformation and video is in the forefront of the digital content produced in recent years. With the increasing amount of digital content created, published and managed, there is an increasing number of tools to be used for everyday tasks within communication, learning and presentations. With our partner program, we will address customer’s need for a seamless digital platform, collaborate to develop video solutions for specialized verticals and increase our reach within the Nordic countries.

The Qbrick Partner Program includes two main streams, Alliance and Technology partnership. With the Alliance partnership, we will help partners build, sell and deliver professional services using the Qbrick Video Platform.  Their main strength will be to provide a tailored solution to fit the customer’s business needs. In the Technology partner program, we focus on working with complementary technology companies to address expanded customer’s needs. Both partnership streams are focused on mutual collaboration, innovation and growth.

“After joining forces with IP-Only last summer and yet again focusing on the Nordics, we have seen a growing interest for partnerships with us. The trend towards vertically customised total digital solutions including video will continue and the right partnerships will be key to succeeding. We are now structuring our work in this area and I look forward to close and successful partnerships.” says Mats Victorin, IP-Only Qbrick CEO.

For additional information, please contact us. 

Alliance Partnership
Niklas Hakalax, Partner Sales Manager, IP-Only Qbrick AB
Tel: +358 405 175 046
E-post: niklas.hakalax@qbrick.com

Technology Partnership
Sreemati Lalgudi, Head of Products & Marketing, IP-Only Qbrick AB
Tel: +46 739 090949
E-post: sreemati.lalgudi@qbrick.com

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