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Understand the key metrics to measure video success of social networks

Businesses wanting to optimize their social videos with a data-driven approach are faced with varying metrics across the social networks. Qbrick’s social media analytics provides video views and engagement metrics on all videos published from Qbrick on Facebook and YouTube.

Total views

The total view provides a count of how many people saw the videos published from Qbrick to your social channels. In all the channels this count is based on someone viewing a very short portion of the video and not the whole video. Though the actual definition of a “video view” varies by channels. In Facebook, the viewing length is 3 seconds where on YouTube it is 30 seconds. With 47% of the value of a video campaign coming from the first 3 seconds of a video, this metric is important to track in order to understand the success of your social videos1.

Total watch time

The total watch time is the total amount of time all viewers have spent watching your video in minutes. This is one of the most requested video metrics from content publishers and it gives a measure of the time spent by your audience in taking in your message1.  On YouTube, watch time is measured in cumulative minutes and each video uploaded is “ranked” by watch time. This means videos with higher watch times are likely to show up higher in search results and recommendations.

Audience engagement metrics

Video engagement metrics is the measure of interactivity with your content. Higher interactivity like the total number of shares, likes or comments indicates that your content is working and increasing your social reach. With the increased number of comments, businesses must also be receptive to constructive criticism, understand the root cause and improve continuously. We have focused on 3 key metrics to highlight the audience engagement level with the videos published from Qbrick on Facebook and YouTube.

  • Total Shares
  • Total Likes
  • Total Comments


Qbrick social channels analytics – We help you manage your analytics in one place


Available for Facebook and YouTube



Key metrics shown


Feature overview – Seamless experience

Customers can view social analytics with their Analytics suite. An overview of top metrics is shown for all the videos published from Qbrick to Facebook and YouTube.

Customers can view the key metrics for individual social channel and directly view the video on their social channel for additional metrics or review the viewer’s comments. A customer can click REFRESH to get the latest analytics.


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1 https://blog.hootsuite.com/video-metrics
2 https://creatoracademy.youtube.com/page/lesson/impact-metrics#strategies-zippy-link-2