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The Qbrick technology partner’s program is focused on working with complementary technology companies to address our mutual customer’s needs. Our goal is to make it simple for the business users to upload, edit, publish, monetize and share live & on-demand videos.

Be our partner

If you build technology designed to help people maximize their business potential in the video economy, then technology partner’s program may be right for you. E.g. Over the top web and device app providers, Live conferencing tool providers or Payment solutions in the video economy.

If you build solutions that support content sharing or collaboration and are interested in exploring integration possibilities with Qbrick, then the technology partner’s program is the right place to start. E.g. CMS providers, Ecommerce providers or Marketing suite providers.

If you have a product that combined with Qbrick’s video platform and services could be a great video solution in an emerging vertical or business area, then the technology partner’s program will be the right choice for you. E.g. 360 video providers or videos in healthcare.

Benefits to our partners

  • Collaborate: Opportunity to share our product roadmap, work on innovative ideas and proof of concepts together.
  • Marketing: Partners will be listed on Qbrick partner’s page and numerous joint marketing opportunities.
  • Training: Free on-boarding workshop, quarterly online training sessions and access to our local technology experts.
  • Tools: Qbrick demo account to support selling and integration. Access to sales, marketing and technology resources including RESTful API, developer’s portal and integration support.
  • Support: Partners building services using Qbrick video platform will get extended support and service level agreement.
  • Grow: Opportunity to grow the business with your existing customer base or increase your portfolio by addressing new customer segments.

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